Solar Design & Installation

Guaranteed Savings in 30 Days or Less!

Solar Panels Installation

With over 2,200 General Contractors and approximately 385 Solar Companies in San Diego, how to choose the right one?
Don't settle for sales pitches, talk to a licensed electrician today!

Our "Real Value" approach is based on the outmost respect for our customers, their time and their trust. From the very first meeting you will be meeting with Licensed C-10 electrician. Say goodbye to any type of sales meetings and directly discuss installation details as you will be able to obtain the answers that all other companies won't unless you have a signed contract at hand.

Our customers tell us that they prefer our in house approach to design and installation as it facilitates direct communication and real time results. Unlike many big brand companies who waitlist customers for up to 120 days, we can GUARANTEE that your solar panels will be up, running and saving you money in 30 Days or less!



Solar Panels Installation